Does God exist? If so, show me His shape

A Muslim boy went abroad to study

Once there was a young man who went abroad to study. On his return, he told his parents that he is still a Muslim. However, there are certain questions that have stuck in his mind for which he has not found an answer. These questions are affecting his faith and thereby he needs the answer to those questions.

The parents took him to a scholar

The parents were worried and told that a Muslim scholar would be able to answer his questions. The boy then said that he has already consulted a few scholars, yet they were not able to satisfy him.

The parents then told that there is a wise scholar who might be able to give him the right and satisfactory answers. The parents thereby called the scholar and within few days the scholar arrived.

The boy met him and said that he has three questions that have not been entertained well, even by some renowned scholars, does he believe that he would be able to do so?

3 questions to change his faith

On this, the scholar humbly said that as a slave of Allah Almighty, I would try my best to give you the appropriate answers to your questions and if Allah wishes (Insha Allah) you will be satisfied by the answers. The young boy was still not sure if the scholar had answers but then he proposed him three questions:

  1. Is there an existence of God? If so then show me a shape of Him.
  2. What is fate? How is takdir defined?
  3. If the devil is made up of fire and he will be thrown in the hellfire on the Day of Judgment, how will he be hurt? Did not God think over it or does He have some other plans?

Question 1

On this, the scholar slapped the man. The slap was a hard one and the young man cried in pain. He looked up the scholar and said that what was the purpose of the slap? He has all the right to raise questions and if he didn’t have the answer he shall not have slapped him.

The scholar looked at him peacefully and said that he was not angry with him rather was just answering his questions.

The boy looked shocked. He didn’t understand: how was this slap answers to his questions?

The scholar then said do you feel the pain. The boy replied with a yes. The slap was really a hard one and the boy still felt the pain.

The scholar said that you feel the pain, but it doesn’t exist. There is no shape of the pain, but it does exist. Dear boy, not everything that exists has a shape. Allah does exist, Muslims can only feel His existence. There is no shape of that, just like pain.

Question 2

The scholar then said that did you had an idea that you will be slapped by me? The boy said no. the scholar said that did he had any such dream. The boy had the same reply. The scholar then explained that this is what fate is.

Question 3

The scholar asked that my hand is made of flesh and so is your cheek. When I hit my hand on your cheek then why did pain rose? Dear, Allah has created Devil with fire and by Allah’s will, the hellfire will hurt the devil. The young man got his answers and his faith in Allah increased.

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