Doctor axed for filming private areas of female patients

The health Minister Tawfiq Al-Rabiya suspended a cosmetic surgeon from performing his duty. The name of the doctor, his age, nationality, and the name of the hospital was kept anonymous. None of his identity was disclosed.

The health Minister stopped the doctor from practicing medicine any further. The reason behind it was, the doctor filmed the private areas of the patient’s body after performing plastic surgery on it. Later he posted the pictures on social media.

In this way, he offended morality and also violated the profession's practice ethics and regulations.

Legal action against the doctor

The doctor offended morality. He allegedly filmed the private parts of some of his patients and posted them on social media. The Health Minister also cleared the offender will face legal action.

According to the Saudi Law, medical misconduct is an offense in the Kingdom. This act is punishable and the offender is punished by a fine of SR 10,000. In addition to this, the offender's practice license is also canceled.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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