What is inside the Moon of Makkah Clock Tower?

Do you what is inside the moon of Makkah clock tower? Many people want to know what is the price of the moon room of Makkah Tower. 

Inside the Moon of Makkah Clock Tower

At the base of this huge beautiful moon of Makkah clock tower, there is a very special room. This special open-air room, located so high on top of this tower, has been dedicated solely for prayers, and to serving Allah.

The moon room has now become the highest place of worship anywhere all around the world. In other words, there is a Masjid in this room.

makkah tower moon room

Why did they construct it?

In the beginning, at the time of construction of the Makkah clock tower, it was too difficult for engineers and construction staff to come down from the moon to pray Salah.

Due to this, they started praying inside the room. The engineers liked the idea so much that they made a permanent Masjid inside the moon of the Makkah clock tower.

makkah clock tower moon inside

How to reach the moon room?

Only officials employed at the clock tower can reach the room as it is not open to the general public. However, you can buy tickets for the Makkah Clock Tower museum to enjoy the view from the top of the tower.

makkah tower moon room price

Makkah tower moon room price

Many people are also interested in renting the Makkah tower moon room and hence interested to know about its price. Well, it is important to mention here that the Makkah tower moon room is not for renting purposes. You can book or rent a room in Makkah Clock tower but not this particular room.

LED Lights

The tower gets even more beautiful at night when all the LED lights placed all along the length of the tower are illuminated.

It is estimated that 2 million LEDs are placed all over the tower and it lights up the sky once the lights have been turned on. The light from this tower can be seen from around 17 kilometers away.

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