Do you know what happens when a passenger dies on a plane?

Around 3 billion people travel via plane or in the sky every year. Serious health incidents occurring in airplanes are not very common. It is very scary to experience a serious health issue when you are on a flight. The ratio of dying on a plane is low but not zero.

According to New England Journal of Medicine, these type of emergencies occurs 1 out of 600. Flying doesn’t initiate serious health problems like heart attack or stroke but in case if it happens, there is variability between airlines and FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) requiring flight attendants to be trained in dealing with emergencies and give basic first aid.[irp]

They can provide instant treatment for such kind of problems. They can also manage things like minor injuries or lightheadedness caused by dehydration. People who are traveling by air usually don’t prefer seat next to a crying baby, an extraordinary talkative person or a person who is sick and traveling for the first time.

There are very few such people but some of few might have experienced very scary cases while traveling next to a passenger who is going to be dead. Different airlines have different procedures to handle the case of traveler’s death and those procedures also differ from each other depending on the situation and cause of death.

By the way, do you know what is your nationality if you are born in the sky on an Airplane? Ross Feinstein, a spokesperson from American Airlines told T+L that they have procedures and treatments to treat the passengers who are suffering from the certain medical condition and only professional medical doctor or licensed medical professionals can call the death of someone.

No one else can declare the death of someone in the airplane. Ross also told that they have trained flight attendants who are always helping their customers in need of medical help. They have medical kits on the plane for use in case of emergencies and contact medical professionals on the ground through radio and satellites for extra guidance.

Cindy Hermosillo, a representative from Southwest told that in case of emergency their flight attendants first check the list of passengers and take help from doctors who are accidentally traveling on that flight or try to communicate with a medical professional on the ground through radio or satellite connections.

If a person dies in the middle of the flight, the flight team first tries to prove the death news by checking his heartbeat, but they don’t declare it themselves. They then shift the dead body to an empty row of seats (if available) and cover with a blanket.

Some people say that the put the dead body of the deceased passenger in the bathroom. They don’t put the dead body of a passenger in the bathroom because it is not a respectful act and also not safe for landing. If a body slips into the bathroom, then it would be difficult for the team to get that person out. According to a BBC documentary 2004, putting a body in a bathroom is not an option.

Source: Business Insider

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