Do not marry someone to please someone else

Youngsters are often heard asking; “when do we live for ourselves?”  It seems that taking the right decision at the right time is living your life for yourself. Yes, deciding when and what to do with yourself is living. Make sure you take the proper step yourself.

Marriage is one such important thing in life, more like an utmost important event and change in one’s life. Being a teenager one has to undergo a lot of changes one after the other, like being in a processing plant. Schooling, college, graduation and your parents have another task ready for you, marriage.

Parents start looking for the perfect match for their children as soon as they graduate, but this is not the priority of many students and teenagers now.

The evolution of technology, science, computers, and involvement of money at a very large scale in every field has made the students more ambitious and keen about their career and future rather than chose a life partner and settle in.

This is perfectly alright and the parents should also look into this aspect, with a cool mind. Degrees are vital now, good grades are compulsory and doing masters in any given field is very important. 

Now coming to the point, parents need to understand that forcing their career-oriented child into early marriage or marriage by their choice is turning out to be chaos. Disagree? Look at the stats, many newly wedded couples are going into depression because their thoughts and acts do not match.

They keep their mouth shut in due respect of their parents but never settle in and their minds keep on looking for other opportunities. The difference of opinion is one thing, difference of education is another but the difference in goals and ambition plays a major and a vital role.

Let your child complete his or her education and chose a partner which suits them, where they seem to fit and their intellect meets. Many of the students are now going abroad from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in order to higher education and recognized degrees from well-known Institutions around the world.

Although a number of Institutions are being set up in the Kingdom, still students do go abroad for research papers. In light of such events, the parents and the youngsters should understand that marriage is a bond one has to fulfill for the lifetime so it should be done when both are completely ready.

Parents should stop forcing their children to marry the person of their choice. They should understand and respect the decision of their children. However, sometimes you are able to persuade them on your decision but doing so is foolishness and will only result in the couple disputes or sacrificing their happiness and stability in life.

However, our parents have the right to think about our lives and take perfect decision for our studies and marriage, and we are sure that whatever they will decide for us will be beneficial for us but sometimes it becomes difficult for us to adjust our lives perfectly according to their decision.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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