2 differences between a Muslim and a Momin

Is there a difference between Muslim and Momin or are the synonyms of each other? Do they both refer to a person who has a belief in Allah Almighty or is there a difference between two?

Definition of a Muslim

Well, definitely there is a difference between Muslim and Momin and here I am going to share with you those vital differences. A Muslim is the one who believes in Allah and abides by the 5 pillars of Islam that are;

1-Tauheed (oneness of Allah and belief that Prophet PBUH is his last Prophet).

2-Salah (5 times daily obligatory prayer).

3-Fast (obligatory fasts in the month of Ramadan).

4-Pays Zakat (if he meets the criteria to pay Zakat).

5-Performs Hajj (Hajj is fard only once in the lifetime upon them who have a capacity to perform it).

Definition of a Momin

After talking about the pillars of Islam, now we can say that there are 2 differences between Muslim and Momin. For a true Momin, we will have to add two dimensions to the definition of Muslim.

This means that for being a Momin, all characteristics of being Muslim are same yet two other are added to it. These two additional characteristics are Iman in heart and act of Jihad.

Difference between Muslim and Momin

Faith in Heart

A Momin is one who is a Muslim with two additional characteristics. The first one is true faith: a faith which he has in his heart. This implies that the heart of a Muslim must be truly filled with Iman so that he can make his way towards being a Momin.

Anyone can proclaim that he believes in Allah, but it is the heart where the Iman rests. Unless your heart is a tilt towards Allah, you can’t be a Momin.


The second condition for being a Momin is to struggle in the way of Allah.  Thereby a Muslim who uses his efforts either physical or monetary, for the sake of Islam and his heart is full of Iman is a Momin.

The ˹true˺ Momin are only those who believe in Allah and His Messenger—never doubting—and strive with their wealth and their lives in the cause of Allah. – Al-Hujurat 49:15

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