Did Israeli PM visit Saudi Arabia to meet crown prince MBS?

International media has been claiming that the Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited Saudi Arabia on 23rd Nov to meet the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

In this regard, Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister has broken the silence and declared that no Israeli officials were present during the meeting.

Saudi Arabia US Pompeo

Clarifying about the attendants of the meeting, the Foreign Minister said that there were Saudis, Pompeo and John Abizaid; the US ambassador to the Kingdom, in the meeting. Pompeo and Crown Prince met at NEOM, a northern city, on Sunday under his regional tour of the Kingdom.

Why are people thinking like this?

The Recent agreements of Israel with the UAE, Bahrain, and Sudan have led people to speculate that other Arab countries would follow suit.

Saudi Arabia’s standpoint

Saudi Arabia has already made it clear that they will not accept Israel until a fair deal is signed between Palestine and Israel up to the satisfaction of the Palestinian people.

“When we sponsored the Arab Peace Plan in 2002, we fully envisioned that there would eventually be relations between all Arab states, including Saudi Arabia, and Israel if the condition is met”

Source: Arab News

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