Deport illegal expats spreading COVID-19 – Saudi citizens

Some Saudis living in Khobar have blamed illegal expats for spreading Covid-19 in the Kingdom and request the authorities to deport them.

Ibrahim Al Qahtani

A Saudi named Ibrahim Al Qahtani claimed that labor gathering at a large scale leads to danger including the spread of Covid-19. He also accused the illegal expatriates of their involvement in unlawful practices including the trading of illicit goods.

Ahmad Ali another Saudi man living in Al Khobar said that the presence of these workers cause problems for them and there should be an ultimate solution.

He further said a large number of workers violate the rules and regulations and the officials should take immediate action. The official should deport the illegals, he further added.

Ahmad Al Anazi

Another resident of Al Khobar, Ahmad Al Anazi called the illegal expats as ticking bombs. He added that they do not follow any precautionary measure and does not commit to any health measures.

They ignore wearing protective facemasks, maintaining social distancing, and even the use of hand sanitizers.

No response from the Ministry

According to the local newspaper, the Ministry of Human Resources branch at Al Khobar, responsible for the expatriates did not respond to its request.

Foreign workers are present at a large number in Saudi Arabia. They account for about 10.5 million of the Kingdom’s total 34.8 million population.

Source: Gulf News

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