55% of dentist jobs to be Saudized by Aug 2020

With the implementation of the Localization of Professions Initiative, the Saudi Minister of Labor and Social Development, Ahmed bin Suleiman Al Rajhi, joined hand with the Health Ministry to localize the dental professions in the Kingdom. The decision to localize the dental profession will be done in two phases.

55% Saudization in Dentist Jobs

The first phase will localize 25% of dental institutions by March 26, 2020, whereas the second phase will localize the 30% of institutions by August 20, 2020.

On which hospitals will it be implemented?

However, this decision will be applied to the institutions where the number of expatriates exceeded three dentists as was said by the spokesman of the ministry Khaled Aba Al-khail.

Al khail also pointed out that the ministry will take all the necessary steps to make sure that the institution's commitment to implement the decision and if any institution will be found violating the implementation, will be penalized.

The decision was announced on October 1, 2018, in partnership with the Ministry of Health, the Saudi Commission for health specialties, the Council of Saudi Chambers, and the Human Resources Fund HRF.

The primary aim to apply this decision is to provide suitable job opportunities for citizens in vital disciplines. The mechanism has also been placed to support and stimulate training and employment with the Human Resources Fund Programs.

5469 55% of dentist jobs to be Sauized by Aug 2020

Not the first time with doctors

In August 2017, the Ministry of Health received a circular from the Ministry of Labor to stop hiring any expat doctors in Saudi Arabia as there is a huge number of Saudi doctors looking for jobs.

Moreover, recently the Saudi government has terminated a large number of Pakistani doctors with MS and MD degrees.

In short, all these steps have been taken to employ Saudi doctors in Saudi Arabia. If you are an expat doctor in Saudi Arabia, don’t expect to spend a long time here. Recommended: What is the future of expatriate doctors in Saudi Arabia?

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