Death Penalty – if Flakka capsules are found in your luggage in Saudi Arabia

Since the beginning, Smuggling holds strong controversial history. Smuggling is basically an illegal way of exporting and importing goods which are prohibited within the country’s boundary.

Smuggling can be of materials, people, information or goods. In the modern era, smuggling can be done by using different techniques and various methods.

Smuggling of Drugs is considered a serious crime worldwide and heavy penalty or punishment is imposed on such smugglers. Smuggling is always done by violating rules and regulations of international borders or domestic boundaries. 

Although, smuggling of some drugs are very common which include marijuana, poppy, opium, and heroin while now, Flakka drug is a new drug introduced which is considered the most terrifying and scariest drug.

Users of these drugs might face fatal effects which include major health risks including Paranoia, delusion, hallucination, high blood pressure, and overheating of the body which forces a person to keep his body naked.

Besides all these serious risks, the most intense result is sometimes death of the flakka drug users. The Flakka drug has been detected in mining and oil companies.

Flakka is basically manufactured in China and now this deadly drug hits Asian countries, Europe states, and America. Flakka drug first knocked America in the year of 2013. 

How does it look like? Flakka drug is known as gravel in some countries. Among the chemists, this drug is known by alpha-PVP. However, this drug is called gravel because its structure resembles the white crystal cubes and has been compared to the aquarium gravel.

This man-made drug creates effects and symptoms which have great similarity to cocaine but still, flakka holds more potential and more dangerous consequences than cocaine. The pills of Flakka drugs can be taken through oral or nasal route.

A small dose of the drug can be easily taken by smoke or injection. Strict Instructions for punishment have been released for Flakka smugglers in Saudi-Arabia. The punishment is a death penalty for Flakka smugglers.

The punishment applies to everyone who is involved in Flakka drugs some way or the other. The death punishment will also be applied to those who export and import the Flakka drugs or reproduce by cultivating the intoxicating pills. 

A daily Arabic newspaper reported that the instructions clearly declare Flakka drugs among the prohibited or banned items in the Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia. The instructions are formulated and issued under the anti-drug rules and regulations.[irp]

According to the instructions, if anyone is caught using Flakka drugs will be imprisoned for about a period of two years which is a minimum period and it can be extended to up to five years.

Fifty whip lashes and a heavy fine is imposed which is in between SR3,000 and SR 30,000.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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