COVID-19 patient’s wife and child found dead in Riyadh

Last Friday an Indian woman and her six-month-old child were found dead in an apartment in Riyadh. The woman belonged to Manipur a city in India and was the wife of Biju V a Kerala native. Biju was admitted to the hospital because he showed some symptoms of COVID-19 on Monday.

Biju was undergoing the treatment of COVID -19 in one of the Riyadh hospitals and his family, wife, and child were all alone in the apartment. The incident was reported on Friday when the neighbors in the building noticed Biju’s 70-year-old mother standing outside the Flat since early Friday morning.

No one opened the flat door as it was locked from inside. At that moment neighbors called the police. The police arrived and opened the door. Upon opening the door they found two dead bodies lying inside. Biju’s wife and child were found dead inside their flat.

This was indeed a heartbreaking sight to witness. Police claimed that the mother killed the child and committed suicide.  Some sources claimed that the child was pronounced dead but the mother was admitted to the hospital.

 What made her commit such a miserable deed? She was a trained nurse and was in search of a job. Her husband Biju worked as a Belt technician at the Medina Airport for eight years but recently lost his job. However, no further details were published in this case.

What are the reasons that lead her to commit such a sinful deed? What was going inside the head of the mother?  Did she commit suicide due to the threat of COVID-19 or for the reason of her husband going jobless? Nobody knows.

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