COVID-19: A reckless woman infects 21 family members

Recently we came through the news of a reckless woman who got infected with the virus by not following preventive measures.

A reckless woman captured the virus because she did not comply with the preventive measures. The woman infected 21 kin due to her carelessness including some elder members of the family.

Another detail shared by the Health Ministry showed that 16 family members contracted the virus from one of their family members, a Saudi national who returned from another city and continued a physical greet with his family.

The father of the Saudi national also got infected with the virus. The death of his father was announced this Friday as he was a heart patient suffering from some cardiac disease.

The number of Covid-19 cases in the Kingdom is increasing day by day. More than 3000 cases are reported every single day which is indeed disappointing.

After such an increase in the number of cases, the Saudi Health Ministry is figuring out the source of infection. According to the details shared by the Health Ministry most of the individuals infected from one single infected member of their family.

It is clear here we have been showing carelessness in following the precautionary measures. Despite the restrictions have been eased in the Kingdom, the security authorities and ministries are trying their best to curb the spread of the disease. They are continuously guiding and urging people to comply with preventative measures like wearing masks, keeping social distancing, and avoiding gathering.

Now it is our foremost duty to follow the preventative measures and save ourselves as well as others from getting infected.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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