Saudi court orders husband to pay SR 2.9 million to ex-wife

A Saudi national was ordered by the court to pay his former wife and son alimony of SR 2.9 million for leaving them without giving any valid reason 32 years ago.

The wife filed the case stating that her former husband left them after they had a baby without considering her situation. Jeddah court ordered the Saudi national to pay the alimony for all these years.

The court then ordered to find out the ex-husband’s monthly income which came out to be SR 80,000 monthly. The court decided that the husband will pay;

  • SR 4,000/month X 384 months = SR 1.53 million to wife.
  • SR 4,000/month X 336 months = SR 1.34 million to son.

Everyone in Saudi Arabia and social media appreciated the act and took it in a positive way as it led to justice towards the former wife and son. This also sets an example for others.

Source: Gulf News

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