Couple leaves ticketless baby at airport check-in

A Belgian was surprised at the check-in counter to know that they have not booked their infant’s ticket. Instead of buying a ticket, they decided to leave their ticket-less infant at the airport and get onboard for their Ryanair flight!

Not willing to buy the ticket

The police officer reported that the couple had left their son at the Ben-Gurion airport in Tel Aviv, Israel. The couple was equipped with their own tickets but neither had a ticket for their infant nor were willing to buy one!

Quoting the incident, the police officer said the couple refused to pay for their child’s ticket. They left the stroller, nested by their child, at the check-in desk and went to the passport control office.

Viral Video

A video also shows the shocking scene where the little boy is being left by his parents in the stroller at the check-in desk. Ryanair desk’s manager said that it was a surreal scene, he had never witnessed such before. He and his staff could not believe what they were seeing.

Thus, they contacted the police. The police found the parents, the abandoned child, and held an inquiry!

Police Inquiry

In the statement recorded by the police of the airport staff, the couple had arrived late for their flight. They did not have a ticket for the child and left him at the check-in desk.

The incident was reported on Tuesday, 31st of January at the Ben Gurion International Airport. The couple was checking in for a Ryanair flight from Ben Gurion International Airport to Brussels, Belgium!

The couple could have booked an online ticket for their infant. As per Ryanair’s website, infants can get a reservation through online booking.  An infant, who does not require a special seat, is charged €25 ($27).

The Israeli Airport Authority has confirmed the incident to CNN as well!

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