What is the average cost of a wedding in Saudi Arabia?

In Saudi Arabia, marriage has to be the second name of the most expensive event in one’s life. Literally, if you look into Saudi wedding culture, you will find expenses followed by more expenses! Saudi weddings cost a lot.

The weddings are arranged in hotels that charge heavily, then Saudis would count upon dishes served for a wedding which means more expense and none the less, Saudis would love to invite almost everyone they know that means more burden on pocket. Recommended: 8 Beautiful Traditions of Saudi Wedding Functions

Bigger and Better Marriages

The Saudis believe in bigger and better marriages. Marriage has become a symbol of showing off to others that how wealthy they are then the rest. The marriage events have to be lavish and awesome, they have to be lavish than the marriage of recently wed friend or relative. So yes, it’s like a competition!

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Then all the societal pressure on both the bride and groom’s families, the marriage can cost more than their budget! To make the wedding the most memorable one, there are a series of celebrating parties and all the fancy stuff! Recommended: 10 things you can experience only at Saudi Weddings

Money flows like water on Saudi Weddings

The wedding celebrations call for expensive dresses, lavish food, great décor, honeymoon expense and entertaining hundreds of guests. But why is that so, why do Saudis spend a fortune at weddings? Well, there is societal pressure built.

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A lavish wedding is an indicator of wealth these days. The family which is not able to pull off a great wedding are considered not to be well off! Recommended: How is the Saudi Wedding Ceremony celebrated at Women side?

What is the average cost of a wedding in Saudi Arabia?

Ahmad Al-Saidlani who is a financial analyst throws light on the very societal pressure and expectations. The analysts briefed that while he was all set to marry, he calculated that his wedding shall cost him about SR100,000-120,000. He had to get married within this budget.

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This meant that from pre-wedding celebrations till honeymoon expenditure, this was his total budget. Yet, when he started to calculate all the expenses they went far beyond his budget and summed up being SR 200,000. Recommended: 6 Features of Saudi Wedding Ceremony most of you don’t know

When he and wife to be talked on the matter, they wisely concluded that they shall spend the least on their wedding celebration and could save the money which will help them in their future. Yet, to their surprise, their families weren’t ready for a simple marriage that would only entertain close friends and family members that were only 100 in number.

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Source: Arab News

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