What is the Cost of Living in Saudi Arabia?

Before settling down in Saudi Arabia, you must be wondering how much is the cost of living for a single person or a family? Here is the complete guide.

House Rent

The house rent for the accommodation is going to be your major expense in the cost of living in Saudi Arabia;

  • Single Person: You can either get a single room on rent or share a single room with someone. Normally a single room plus a washroom is available for SR 1,000/month.
  • Family: The house rent for a reasonable apartment starts from SR 20,000/annum while you can spend as much as you want as there is no upper limit.

Dependent Fee

If you are someone living with a family in Saudi Arabia, the dependent fee is going to be a major expense in the cost of living.

An expat needs to pay SR 4,800/annum for each child and wife. Here is the detailed calculation of the dependent fee.


Another heavy load in the cost of living in the schooling fee in Saudi Arabia.

  • The fee for an average private international school costs around SR 15,000/child + SR 3,000 transportation.

Schooling - Cost of Living in Saudi Arabia

Food Expenses

On average, one meal is available for around SR 20. A single person can either cook at home or eat outside.

For families, the food expenses for a family vary depending on many factors. Generally, the grocery costs around SR 500/person/month.

food expenses - Cost of Living in Saudi Arabia

Transport Cost

Unfortunately, there is no proper transportation system in Saudi Arabia for within-city traveling.

  • Taxi is expensive as it is expensive everywhere in the world. Normally taxi driver takes SR 10 if the distance is of 10 minutes, SR 15 if the distance is of 15 minutes.
  • A new Toyota Corolla is available on around SR 1,300/month installment.
  • The petrol costs SR 2.18/liter in case you have a private car.


Internet + Mobile

Internet and Mobile are also a part of the cost of living in Saudi Arabia.

  • Fiber optic internet connection costs: SR 260/month.
  • 5G internet connection costs: SR 400/month.
  • Mobile Bill on average: SR 100/month.

Electricity Expenses

Electricity is not a major expense in Saudi Arabia as it is quite cheap. However, you should expect a monthly bill of around SR 50/person in winter and around SR 100/person in summer.

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