How to replace foreign driving license with Saudi license?

If your driving license is issued by UAE or any of the following 47 countries, you can replace/convert it to Saudi Driving License without any test.

If you do not have the driving license from any of these 47 countries, you need to apply for it from the scratch.

Required Documents

In order to apply for the conversion of the UAE, UK, USA Driving License to the Saudi Driving License, you will have to visit Dallah Driving School with the following documents.

  1. Muroor Appointment (explained below).
  2. Driving License form. It can be filled by agents for SR 15.
  3. Digital Iqama.
  4. Original Foreign Driving License + soft copy.
  5. Arabic Translation of foreign driving license (if Non-Arabic).
  6. 1 passport-size photo.
  7. Copy of passport and Saudi visa page.
  8. Company CR – City in CR & the traffic department should be from the same city.
  9. Proof of the payment of the driving license fee.
  10. Efada Medical Report.
  11. A green color folder to keep all these documents.
  12. NOC from the traffic police of the country (in case of GCC license).
NOC from the Traffic Police to replace UAE driving license
NOC from the Traffic Police to replace UAE driving license

Muroor Appointment

In order to take appointment to replace a foreign driving license such as UAE with a Saudi driving license;

  • Log in to Absher
  • Click on the “Appointments” tab.
  • Select the “Traffic” option.
  • Click on the “Proceed to Service” button.

convert foreign driving license into Saudi driving license

On the next page;

  • Click on the “Book New Appointment” button.
  • Select: Replacement of Driving Licenses.
  • Choose the region and city.
  • Type of License: Private Driving License.
  • Type of Issuance: Foreign Driving License.
  • Enter the License Number.
  • Enter License Expiry Date.
  • Country of Issuance: UAE or any other country.
  • Select the Driving License Language.

Attach the foreign driving license from the front, back and the Arabic translation if the driving license is issued in any language other than Arabic.

Replace foreign driving license into Saudi driving license

Visit Dallah Driving School

Visit the Dallah driving school at the time specified on the appointment. Present your file to the officer on your turn, he will check all your documents and print the Saudi driving license for you immediately.

  • GCC License: You will have to surrender your UAE or GCC driving license to get a new Saudi license. 
  • UK/USA License: If you are in the process to get a Saudi driving license on the basis of a UK or USA license, you will not have to surrender your license.

replace UAE/GCC driving license with Saudi license

47 countries to replace Saudi Driving License

The driving license issued by UAE and any of the 47 following countries can be converted or replaced with a Saudi driving license without any test.

  1. Albania.
  2. Australia.
  3. Austria.
  4. Bahrain.
  5. Belarus.
  6. Belgium.
  7. Bulgaria.
  8. Canada.
  9. China.
  10. Croatia.
  11. Cyprus.
  12. Czech Republic.
  13. Denmark.
  14. Estonia.
  15. Finland.
  16. France.
  17. Germany.
  18. Greece.
  19. Hungary.
  20. Ireland.
  21. Italy.
  22. Japan.
  23. Kuwait.
  24. Latvia.
  25. Lithuania.
  26. Luxembourg.
  27. Malaysia.
  28. Malta.
  29. Netherlands.
  30. New Zealand.
  31. Norway.
  32. Oman.
  33. Poland.
  34. Portugal.
  35. Romania.
  36. Russia.
  37. Singapore.
  38. Slovakia.
  39. Slovenia.
  40. South Africa.
  41. South Korea.
  42. Spain.
  43. Sweden.
  44. Switzerland.
  45. United Arab Emirates.
  46. United Kingdom.
  47. United States.

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