How to replace UAE/UK driving license with Saudi license?

If you are an Iqama holder in Saudi Arabia with a valid driving license of the UAE, UK, USA or any other GCC country such as Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, you can replace it to the Saudi driving license following an easy way which we have explained below.

It is worth mentioning that you should replace your UAE driving license with the Saudi driving license only if you are not planning to go back to the UAE in the next 2 years. Otherwise, it is better to apply for a new Saudi driving license.

Required Documents

In order to apply for the replacement of the UAE, UK, USA Driving License to the Saudi Driving License, you will have to visit Dallah Driving School with the following documents.

  • Driving License form.
  • Original Iqama and Copy of Iqama.
  • Original UAE, UK, USA Driving License and its copy.
  • 1 passport size photos
  • Copy of passport and copy of Saudi visa page
  • Proof of the payment of driving license fee
  • Medical Report
  • NOC from the traffic police (not required for the USA and the UK license)

Driving License Form

You can download a PDF copy of the Saudi Driving License form from this link. The form needs to be filled in the Arabic language so it is better if you pay SR 10, 15 to a person sitting in front of Dallah driving school to get it filled.

Pay the driving license fee

Next, you need to pay the fee to issue the Saudi Driving License. The fee to covert a UAE, UK, USA or GCC countries driving license with the Saudi license is;

  • SR 80 for 2 years license
  • SR 200 for 5 years license
  • SR 200 for 10 years license

Medical Test for Saudi License

Next, you need to undergo a medical test in an approved hospital in Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam or any other city where you live in. Recommended: How to perform a medical test for Saudi Driving License?

Get NOC from the Traffic Police

  • GCC License: Next, you need to visit the traffic police department (Muroor) office and get a certificate from them that you don't have any unpaid fines in the UAE or any other GCC country. The Muroor will provide you the following certificate if you don't have any unpaid fine in the UAE.
  • UK, USA License: However, if you are in the process to get a Saudi license on the basis of the UK or the USA license, you don't have to go through this process.

NOC from the Traffic Police to replace UAE driving license

Visit Dallah Driving School

The next step is to go to Dallah Driving School to convert your UK, UAE or GCC driving license with the Saudi license. You can click on this link to find the nearest Dallah driving school around you.

You need to look for the counter which prints driving license. Present your file to the officer on your turn, he will check all your documents, get it signed by a higher-level official and print the Saudi driving license for you immediately.

  • GCC License: It is important to mention here that you will have to surrender your UAE or GCC driving license to get a new Saudi license. 
  • UK/USA License: If you are in the process to get a Saudi driving license on the basis of a UK or USA license, you will not have to surrender your license.

replace UAE/GCC driving license with Saudi license


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