Can I come back to Saudi Arabia after final exit?

People who leave Saudi Arabia on a final exit are curious to know when can they come back to Saudi Arabia? Is there a final exit ban on returning to KSA?

A proposal of the final exit ban

The Council of Saudi Chambers has proposed a 2 years ban on expats who want to return to KSA after leaving on the Final exit as reported by the Arab News.

final exit ban and returning to ksa

Can I come back to Saudi Arabia after the final exit?

This proposal has created many rumors on social media that the government of Saudi Arabia is considering imposing a ban of 2 years on expatriates who leave on a final exit. 

The Jawazat has denied these rumors circulating all around the social media and stated that they are not planning to impose any ban on expatriates on returning to KSA after the final exit. – Saudi Gazette

As a result, you can come back to Saudi Arabia immediately after the final exit visa only if you;

  1. Don’t have a court case or legal complaint against you and,
  2. Are not blacklisted by the government.
  3. Don’t have an unpaid loan against you which is reported to the court. In case of an unpaid loan, you will have to repay it before returning to KSA. Recommended: What happens for leaving Saudi Arabia with an unpaid loan?

Can I come back to Saudi Arabia after the final exit?

How to get a new visa after the final exit visa?

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