Rajab Mafoos: Saudi who stitched Kaaba’s cover for 47 years

Rajab Mahoos Al-Malki most senior weaver of Holy Kaaba passed away after 47 years of his proud service for weaving the Holy cloth of Kaaba.

In KSA there is a special city allocated for the preparation of holy black cloth known as Kiswa. The most senior weaver not only gave his life for the preparation of Kiswa but also has done his job with enthusiasm and passion.

He passed away at the age of 90 in a private hospital. He got retired in 2004 from his job but all the life he kept on sharing his tremendous experience of weaving of Holy Kiswa.

824 Rajab Mafoos A Saudi who stitched Kaaba’s cover (Kiswa) for 47 years passed away

He used to feel content for this honorable job. In every gathering or public place, where he used to share his view with people, he used to talk a major portion about his experience to be a weaver of Kiswa.

Al Maliki was a polite and well-mannered person who was famous for his humble nature and courtesy among his colleagues, juniors, and students. He was born in 1930 in a small village near Makkah.

The world witnessed beautiful Kiswa designs for  5 decades made under his supervision. I request each one of you to pray for his eternal life.

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