How to close bank account before final exit?

The Ministry of Interior has warned expats to close their bank accounts before leaving Saudi Arabia on final exit as they could be used for terror financing. Here is the procedure.

How to close a bank account in Saudi Arabia?

No matter if your bank account is in Al Rajhi Bank, NCB, SABB, or SAMBA, the procedure to close a bank account is the same.

In order to do that, you need to visit the respective bank branch with the following documents and they will immediately close your bank account;

  1. Credit Card Clearance.
  2. Car Lease Clearance.
  3. Loan Clearance.
  4. Original Iqama.

close bank account before final exit

Credit Card Clearance

If you have a credit card associated with a bank account, they would ask you to pay it off and then wait for a couple of weeks to get the credit card clearance. 

Car Lease Clearance

In case you have taken a car on lease from a bank, they would require you to either;

  • transfer the lease to another person or;
  • pay off the required amount to the bank.

Loan Clearance

A bank in Saudi Arabia would not close your bank account unless you pay off the entire amount of the loan and get the loan clearance letter from them.

Can I get the final exit without closing my bank account?

Due to several reasons, many expats do not want to close their bank accounts while leaving Saudi Arabia on final exit. Yes, you can get a final exit visa without closing your bank account.

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