How to claim lost or damaged luggage at Saudi Airports?

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Luggage gets lost or got damage is not a new thing while traveling, we have often heard these problems. Most of us are totally unaware of what to do if their luggage is missing. However, through this article, you will know the procedure of how you to claim your lost or damaged luggage Saudi airports.

If you notice at a Saudi airport that your luggage is mishandled or has not arrived on the same flight, then follow the following steps.

  • Contact the baggage service staff as soon as you notice your luggage is missing.
  • Provide all the baggage details asked by the personnel.
  • Provide with correct information, your correct name, and the name written on the bag, contact numbers, and all the relevant information.
  • Provide with the exact color and type of your missing bag through the identification chart provided by the baggage service staff.
  • Tell them the exact brand of the bag, for example, Delsea, Samsonite or American Tourist whichever it was.
  • You have to make sure that you have the Saudi Baggage Services contact numbers, claim file reference and documents for further queries before you leave the hall.
  • In case if you have not found your luggage and you have to travel to another destination then you may contact the Baggage Services staff for further handling and information about your luggage.

World Tracer System

The Saudi authorities use World Tracer System to locate the baggage, the staff will immediately take up the matter to locate your lost baggage as per Saudi procedure. They will use the World Tracer Automated System which is effective and the fastest tracing system.

The passengers can also access to World Tracer through their website where they can display their claim files. You can follow up on the status of mishandled baggage simply by entering the file number and the last name exactly as mentioned in the claim record.

What to do if your luggage is not found within 10 days?

If you do not find your baggage within 10 days or found it damaged or something missing from the baggage then don’t delay to fill the “Baggage Claim Form” from their website and submit it immediately.

This claim resolution will depend upon the details you provided to the Baggage Service staff at the airport and all the distinctive items you mentioned inside the bag. You will also have to attach all the baggage tags with the claim. After this, you can contact on the following number to get updates about your luggage.  +966-92-000-3777

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