Claim insurance on visit visa in Saudi Arabia

People who come to Saudi Arabia on a family visit visa buy health insurance from their home country while stamping the visa on their passports. This is how a user claimed hospital expenses paid for the treatment of his father who came on a family visit visa to Saudi Arabia.

Conditions to claim Insurance

In order to claim medical insurance on a family visit visa, take care of the following 4 things;

  • Make sure that the visit visa insurance is valid.
  • It was an emergency case e.g. heart attack.
  • The claim is submitted within 24 hours of admission.
  • The patient tried to approach a government hospital before heading to a private hospital.

Government v/s Private Hospital

As soon as you face a medical emergency, take your patient to the nearest government hospital for treatment. The government hospitals take emergency cases in a far better way without asking for the upfront payment and they are better trained to claim the bills from the insurance company.

However, if the government hospital is not approachable, you can visit a private hospital and they would treat your patient.

Upfront Payment

The process to claim insurance on a family visit visa is not known to many private hospitals due to which they refuse to accept patients.

Therefore, you would be required to pay an upfront deposit to cover medical expenses in case the insurance rejects the claim.

In my case, I paid SR 20,000 deposit as my father required emergency heart surgery.

Contact the Insurance company

As soon as your family member is admitted to the hospital, push the hospital management to contact the insurance company and file a claim there. You can check the name of the insurance company through this link.

You are required to submit your first claim within 24 hours of the patient being admitted to the hospital. 

Complaint to CHI

In case you feel that the insurance company is not cooperating or hesitating to approve the insurance claim, immediately file a complaint to the Council of Health Insurance.

If you know how things work in Saudi Arabia, I would suggest you file a complaint with CHI to be on the safer side. You can complain to CHI for a family visit visa holder through this link.

Claim the Bills 

Keep a close follow-up with your hospital so that they keep on billing the insurance company for all the expenses.

Otherwise, they might ask you to deposit another amount before the discharge or at least refuse to refund your initial deposit.

Keep in mind that whatever expenses are required for the treatment of a patient are approved by the insurance company. If the insurance company is not approving something, it means it was not required and the hospital is overcharging you.

If an expense is rejected by the insurance company, ask them to reapply it with justification. Do not agree to pay anything in cash. With the CHI complaint in place, the insurance company will help you to the best they can.

Recover the guarantee

After receiving the claim for the medical expenses of your relative on a family visit visa from the insurance company, you can recover the entire amount of the initial deposit paid to the hospital.

The total bill was around SR 40,000 all of which was paid by the insurance company. 

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