Students not going to School due to “Jinns”

A total of 181 students of a girls’ school in the village Al Shalail have refused to attend classes due to the fear of Jinns.

What happened at the school?

The matter started when 9 students of the school claimed that they are not feeling well and all this has happened because of the Jinns present on the school premises.

Some students have fainted in the school area and others have felt spasms due to which parents also believe in the presence of Jinns.

MOE started the investigation

The Department of Education has started investigating the matter and a team including some senior members has been sent to the village to get a real picture of the situation.

It is satisfactory that the education department of the region has taken this entire situation very seriously. They are investigating the matter and furthermore, they are in contact with the school’s administration.

They are working to find a solution for the continuity of the examination process, they are finding alternative places and other ways so that their students can carry out the examinations and the process can be completed without any further delay.

Source: Arab News

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