Get Childcare service in Makkah for Umrah

Parents bringing their children to perform Umrah can have a sigh of relief now as they can admit them to a childcare service in Makkah. 

We know some of you may have struggles to bring your children to perform Umrah, sometimes the timing does not go well with their nap schedules.

So instead of taking turns with your partner you can now leave them at a registered childcare. Here is how to avail childcare service for Umrah;

Get Childcare service in Makkah for Umrah

1- Enter Clock Tower in front of Masjid-al-Haram and take an escalator in front of Sephora.

2- Take another escalator on your right to P2.

3- Locate the Sand Beach Childcare service here. It is suitable for infants and children, the caretakers are all locals women and they have sleeping room for infants too!

4- Sign the basic paper work with them and pay the fee upfront. You can leave your children to the childcare and perform Umrah with the peace of mind and full concentration to the Almighty Allah.

5- The price for the childcare service for Umrah in Makkah is;

  • 1 hour SAR 69.
  • 3 hours SAR 139.
  • 8 hours SAR 189.

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