​​Chery unveils 5 car models coming soon to the UAE

Chery will soon launch five heavy-duty car models from the TIGGO and ARRIZO families in the UAE, continuing its rapid expansion into the international market.

Chery’s has quickly won over customers with its core products upon entering the Middle East market. As a result, Chery’s market share has increased in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and other nearby countries to become one of the top players in the industry, signaling continued success in its Greater Middle East strategy.

A winner never fights a battle unprepared

“SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGICAL ENTERPRISE” is Chery’s motto as it pursues independent innovation with the aim of becoming a world leader in science and technology.

CHERY employs 7,000 people across five research and development centers around the world. More than 10 countries make up the R&D backbone, including outstanding talents from Jaguar Land Rover, General Motors, Ford, Hyundai and other well-known automobile enterprises. With more than 14,000 patents, Chery lives up to its label as a leader in science and technology.

Chery R&D Dream Team

Backed by its core technological developments, Chery will soon introduce new blockbuster models to the UAE from its popular TIGGO and new ARRIZO series.

The TIGGO 8 PRO MAX comes equipped with the powerful Kunpeng 2.0TGDI engine. With a peak power output of 187kW and a peak torque of 390N•m , the engine was previously ranked in the “Heart of China” top ten engines. The TIGGO flagship model also comes equipped with a full purpose intelligent control all-wheel drive system, which includes six modes (normal, economy, sports, camping, skiing and cross-country) so drivers can take control in any driving condition or road surface without fear.

The TIGGO 7 PRO MAX brings powerful intelligent driver assistance functions, including ACC adaptive cruise control, lane centering control, collision warning, blind spot monitoring, automatic parking and other functions. Additionally, the 10.25-inch entertainment center control screen, along with the LCD dashboard and air conditioning touch screen, bring fully integrated interactive control to the driver’s fingertips across its three high tech screens.


In addition to the two new TIGGO SUVs, Chery also introduces two ARRIZO sedans. Among them, the ARRIZO 8 utilizes Chery’s new 4.0 platform to create a high-quality driving experience for political and business elites.

With key advancements in size, power, quality, and driver experience, Chery is enhancing its brand image with technical innovation and style. Featuring user-friendly technology, stylish design and comfortable driving experience, the ARRIZO 6 PRO is a premium choice for the urban environment. With its advanced technological configuration, cutting-edge design, and comfort-enhancing features, the ARRIZO 6 PRO is an international hot seller and Chery’s sales leader.

In launching its latest five products, Chery demonstrates its high ambitions for the UAE market. UAE customers will soon be able to experience Chery products first hand through its test riding service. Chery will continue to implement its”Greater Middle East Strategy”  in the UAE market and continue accelerating its global expansion.

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