Checking Husband/Wife Mobile for Spying is Haram – Sheikh Abdullah

A top renowned scholar in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has just warned the wives against searching through the mobiles or cell phones that belong to their husbands. The scholar also noted that such types of actions make up for around 20 percent of the divorce cases in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Member of the Council of Senior Scholars as well as Advisor to the Royal Court, Sheikh Abdullah Al Motlaq, stated that the act of going through or searching for the phone of the husband is considered as an act of spying and is not permissible. He however also added that the same goes for the husbands who wish to spy on their wife’s phone.[irp]

This act has led to several divorces since the phone of the husband may contain some sort of material that does not please the wife or angers her. Al Motlaq also added that the act of spying is Haram and can cause several problems.

He also stated that spying is one of the biggest sins that lead to absolutely no good. Sheikh Abdullah Al Motlaq had been speaking on the Al Iftaa TV program, he stated that the wives and the husbands should be staying away from all sorts of suspicion as well as spying on each other, since these actions will do nothing but only cause strife in their relationship.

He also stated that a husband and wife should completely trust each other to have a stable and happy life together. Al Motlaq also called upon the wives to avoid all unnecessary and wasteful expenditures and to spend the hard-earned money brought home by their husband with extreme caution and care.

He also advised the wives not to burden their husbands with wishes of material things that they cannot possibly afford. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Justice has been expected to launch an alimony fund. 

This alimony fund will be used to help those women who are divorced and their children, during the entire litigation procedure. The fund will also help those couples who cannot support themselves and their children.

This new move by the Ministry of Justice is a highly awaited one. Most women in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia do not have any sort of income after marriage, though this may seem normal at first when things go south, that is when they realize how badly they need money.

In the case of divorce, everything from court procedures to the legal defense costs money. Basically, the more money you have the better defense you can acquire for the proceedings or trial. When women do not have any money and decide to leave their husband, they must borrow from friends and family for the expenses incurred during the trial.

With the new fund in place, a woman will not have to ask for money from friends and family and will know that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will provide for her through this fund.

Source: Arab News

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