How to check work permit status in Saudi Arabia?

After you enter Saudi Arabia, the employer must issue a work permit before issuing an Iqama. We have explained the process to check the work permit status and its expiry date below.

Check Work Permit Status

To check the work permit status through MOL,

The system will fetch the details, such as your name and the work permit number. The presence of the work permit number should assure you that your work permit is issued. The next step is issuing the Iqama.

how to check work permit in saudi arabia

However, if the system shows the message “لا يوجد عاملين بالمواصفات المسجلة“, it means that your work permit is not yet issued. In this case, you should chase your Kafeel.

check work permit status saudi arabia

Remember that domestic workers cannot check their work permit status using this service.

Check Work Permit Expiry Date

You can check the work permit expiry date using your Qiwa account. To do it; 

check work permit status

On the next page; 

  • Scroll down until you find the “Employment Statuses” option.
  • Click on “Work Permit“.
  • You would be able to check the work permit issue and expiry date.

check work permit status

Usually, the work permit expiration date coincides with the iqama expiration date. However, there could be exceptions to this rule.

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