How to check Umrah visa insurance validity?

You can check the validity and benefits of Umrah visa insurance through the RIAYA website in Saudi Arabia. Here is the process;

Check Umrah Visa Insurance

In order to check the inception and expiry date of the Umrah Visa insurance;

How to check Umrah visa insurance?

The system will show you the validity or the inception and expiry date of the Umrah visa insurance.

Umrah Visa Insurance Coverage

The Saudi government has made it mandatory for all pilgrims to get Umrah Visa insurance to get their passports stamped with the visa. A typical Umrah insurance covers the following:

  1. Treatment at the hospital.
  2. Stay and treatment at the hospital.
  3. Pregnancy and emergency childbirth.
  4. Accident causing injuries.
  5. Dental emergency.
  6. Internal and external medical evacuation.
  7. Emergencies kidney issues.
  8. Permanent or complete disability as a result of an accident.
  9. Death in an accident
  10. Death due to a natural disaster
  11. Repatriation to home country
  12. Diyah – Blood Money compensation issued by the court.
  13. Flight delay compensation.
  14. Flight cancellation compensation.


While having Umrah Insurance is a great thing, knowing that it is valid before going to an Umrah is also important.

With the advent of technology, you don’t have to waste your time and energy to check the validity of Umrah Insurance, rather all you need to do is check it online through simple steps!

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