How to check the validity of exit re-entry visa?

You can check the status and validity of your exit re-entry visa with Absher as well as without Absher through the Muqeem website. Here is the process;

Check Exit Re-entry Visa Validity – Muqeem

You can check the expiry date of your exit re-entry visa without using an Absher account through the Muqeem website.

All the immigration staff at different airports worldwide find the exit re-entry validity through the Muqeem website before issuing you a boarding pass for a Saudi-bound flight. To do it;

  • Open Muqeem website:
  • Check Using: Iqama Number.
  • Select any of the following;
    • Visa Number. 
    • Passport Number. 
    • Date of Birth.
    • Iqama Expiry Date. 
    • Visa Expiry Date.

Check Exit Reentry Visa Validity - Muqeem

The Muqeem system will show you one of the following three messages where you need to check the exit re-entry visa status and the validity.

  • Return Before Date: Expiry Date of Exit Re-Entry Visa.
  • Active Status: The visa can be used for traveling.
  • Used Status: The single entry visa has been used, although the expiry date has not yet passed. It cannot be used again.
  • Expired Status: The return before the date written on the exit re-entry visa has passed, and therefore, the visa has expired.

Check Exit Reentry Visa Validity - Muqeem

Check Re-entry Visa Validity – Absher

You can also check the validity of an exit re-entry visa for any Iqama holder through the Absher account. To do it;

  • Log in to Absher
  • Click on “My Services“.
  • Select the “Inquiries” tab.
  • Click on the “Passport” button.
  • Select the “Exit Re-Entry Visa Status” option.

Check Exit Reentry Visa Validity - Absher

On the public query of exit re-entry visa status page,

public query of exit re-entry visa status

Exit Re-entry Visa Validity – Dependents

There is another way to check the status of exit re-entry visa through Absher, but it is only limited to your dependents;

  • Log in to Absher
  • Click on the “Family Members” tab.
  • Select “Visa Services” from the given options.
  • Click on the “Next” button.

Print exit re-entry visa - Absher

On the next screen, locate the dependent and click “More Details.”

A drop-down information tab will appear where you can find the expiry date of the exit reentry visa.

download exit reentry visa with Absher

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