Check the Status of Etikaf Application for Makkah Online

As we told you earlier that this year the Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques has launched an online information portal for guiding the worshippers and giving them online registration facility to apply for Etikaf in the two Holy Mosques of the Kingdom, Masjid Al-haram, and Masjid-e- Nabwi.

In an earlier post, we have provided a complete guide to performing Etikaf in Masjid al-Haram Makkah including What to pack? Where to sleep? Where should you pray? Where and what to eat? How to survive the crowd on Friday and odd night? I think if you are planning for Etikaf in Makkah, it is a must-read guide for you.

In case you want to perform Etikaf in Masjid al Nabawi, We have already shared some practical tips to perform Etikaf in Masjid al Nabawi. It is also important for every Muslim to know about the things that break or invalidate the Etikaf.

However, lots of people have already taken advantage of this service and are a little bit confused about registration confirmation after registering for Etikaf in Makkah and Madina.

Besides this, the whole of the Etikaf registration system is in Arabic and most of the people who are non– Saudi who are not able to check for their application status or confirmation of their Etikaf application 2018.

Now I am going to tell you the procedure to check your application status for Etikaf in Makkah, Majid Al- Haram. First of all, you need to register with it. The complete process to apply for Etikaf is given in this link.

After applying for Etikaf you will get an application number or an order number. Note down that number. The main point arises here, after applying for Etikaf 2018 you might be confused and wondering about registration confirmation or want to print the status.

Open this website  and click on Nizam ul Etikaf.

Now click on the third option.

On the next page, two boxes appear, the first one is on the right and second is on your left. The first box requires your Iqama number. Type your Iqama number and hit enter. The second box asks to type your order number.

If you remember it then enter it in the second box otherwise leave it and hit enter. Now you will know the status of your application and confirmation of your Etikaf.

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