How to check STC SIM number in KSA?

In case you have forgotten your STC mobile number or data SIM number in KSA, you can check it very easily in the following 4 ways.

Method 1: Dialing a code

The easiest way to check your STC SIM number is to;

  • Dial a code *150#.
  • Press “2” to select the English language.

The system will display your STC mobile number on your screen.

check STC SIM number by codeMethod 2: Please call me

If you are running short of balance, you can always send a free “please call me” message to a friend from your STC number. Your friend will receive a message containing your STC phone number. 

In order to send a free “please call me” SMS from STC, dial the following code. 

Method 3: Call the helpline

The third way to check your STC SIM number in KSA is to call their helpline and talk to the customer services representative. In order to call STC customer services representative dial 900 and press the following numbers;

  • Press 1 to serve you on the number you are calling from.
  • Press 9 for technical support and complaints.
  • Press 2 for complaints.
  • Press 6 for complaints.

Method 4: CITC Website

You can also check the STC number register under your Iqama from CITC website using your Absher details.

It is always preferable to install the mySTC application on your mobile so that even if you forget the number, you can find it from the application.

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