How to check SIMAH credit report in Saudi Arabia?

The Credit Bureau of Saudi Arabia, or SIMAH, maintains the credit reports for all residents and companies in KSA. You can check your credit score in Saudi Arabia, but the service is not free.

What is a SIMAH credit report?

A SIMAH credit report contains all the relevant information related to the client’s credit transactions. Banks check the SIMAH credit history before awarding any credit limit or loan to any customer in Saudi Arabia.

If you have an excellent SIMAH credit report, you will likely get loans quickly and at attractive rates.

SIMAH Packages

To check the credit bureau report in Saudi Arabia, you are required to buy one of the 4 available SIMAH packages;

  • SIMAH Basic Package: SR25/month.
  • Advanced Package: SR21/month.
  • Premium Package: SR27/month.
  • Premium+ Package: SR35/month.

SIMAH Packages

Check SIMAH credit report

In order to check the SIMAH Credit Report in Saudi Arabia;

Check SIMAH credit report

The system will download the updated SIMAH credit report containing all your financial information. We have given a sample SIMAH Credit History Report below.

How to improve your credit rating?

The only way to improve your credit score in Saudi Arabia is to pay off your loan installments, credit card payments, and, utility bills on time. Every late payment hurts your SIMAH credit score.

Sample SIMAH Credit History Report

credit bureau report saudi arabia

Sample SIMAH Credit History Report

Sample SIMAH Credit History ReportSample SIMAH Credit History Report

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