How to check SIMAH credit score in Saudi Arabia?

The Credit Bureau of Saudi Arabia, or SIMAH, maintains the credit score for all residents and companies in KSA. You can check your credit score in Saudi Arabia, but the service is not free.

What is a SIMAH Credit Report?

A SIMAH credit report is a detailed record of your credit performance, both current and past, in Saudi Arabia. It includes information about your credit history, payment behavior, and how you manage your credit. 

Banks may review your credit report to assess your creditworthiness and determine whether to grant you credit. 

What is the credit score?

Your SIMAH credit score is a 3-digit number between 300 and 850 that represents your financial track record. It is a numerical representation of your credit health in Saudi Arabia.

Any changes in your credit status will also be reflected in your credit score, which can impact your overall credit health. If you have an excellent SIMAH credit score, you are more likely to obtain loans quickly and at lower interest rates.

Molim SIMAH Packages

To check the credit bureau score in Saudi Arabia, you are required to buy one of the 4 available Molim SIMAH packages;

  1. One-Time Summary Credit Score without Credit Report: SR 17.
  2. One-Time Credit Report without Summary Credit Score: SR 29.
  3. Daily Credit Score & Daily Credit Report: SR 40/month.
  4. Daily Credit Score & Daily Credit Report: SR 336/year.

Molim SIMAH Packages

Check SIMAH Credit Score

In order to check the SIMAH Credit Report/Score in Saudi Arabia;

  • Download the Molim application from Playstore or Apple Store.
  • Create your account with an Iqama Number.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Buy one of the 4 packages.
  • Molim discount code: MOLIM93X.

how to check credit score in saudi arabia

Once the purchase is completed, the system will compute the updated SIMAH credit score and show it on your home page. As you can see, my SIMAH credit score is 719. You can also check the number of credit cards, loans, and bills outstanding in your account here.

how to check credit score in saudi arabia

Download the SIMAH Credit Report

In case you want to read the detailed SIMAH credit card report, you can download it very easily.

  • Log in to the Molim application.
  • Click on the Report tab.
  • Click on the download button.

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