How to check Saudi visa status with passport number?

After submitting your documents to a Saudi Embassy, you can check the visa stamping status online on the website using your passport number. In other words, you can check if your passport is stamped with a Saudi visa or not.

Why do we need it? If you have hired an agent to stamp the visa on your passport, you should always release the final payment after checking the Saudi visa status on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

Check Saudi visa status with passport number

In order to check Saudi Visa status with the passport number on MOFA website,

  • Open
  • Select “Citizens and Residents“.
  • Inquiry Type: Visa Application.
  • Enter your MOFA Application Number
  • Type your Passport Number. visa check by passport number

Visa is Stamped

If you see a page opened with all the below details, it means that your visa is stamped.

  • Application Number.
  • Application Date.
  • Visa Number.
  • 2 Bar Codes (shown below).
Saudi Visa Status: Stamped.
Saudi Visa Status: Stamped.

Visa is not stamped

If a page opens without the following details, it means that your visa is not yet stamped.

  • No Visa Number.
  • Only 1 Bar Code.

Visa Type

You can check the status of the following 22 categories of visas issued by Saudi Arabia with your passport number on the Enjaz website.

1. Work Visa 12. Educational Visa
2. Permanent Family Visa 13. Seasonal Work
3. Hajj Visa 14. Commercial Visit Visa
4. Umrah Visa 15. Family Visit Visa
5. Transit Visa 16. Government Visit Visa
6. Family Visit Visa 17. Business Visa
7. Extension of Exit Re-entry Visa 18. Personal Visit
8. Diplomatic Visa 19. Escort Visa
9. Special Visa 20. Temporary Work
10. Saudi Tourist Visa 21. Event Visa
11. Medical Visa 22. Premium Residency Visa

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