How to check Lebara Balance in KSA?

You can easily check the Lebara SIM balance, internet, or data balance by dialing a code, using the application, or by calling their helpline in Saudi Arabia.

1st Method: Lebara Balance check code

In order to check the balance of your SIM card, you can dial one of the following two codes. The system will check the SIM balance and display it on your mobile screen.

  • Dial the code *110#
  • Dial the code *000#.

Lebara Balance check code

2nd Method: Check Internet Balance

To check Lebara’s internet balance or the remaining MBs/data, dial one of the following two codes on your mobile screen. The system will check the balance and display it.

  • Dial the code *164#
  • Dial the code *122#.

Check Lebara Internet Balance

3rd Method: Lebara Application

The third way to check both the SIM balance and the internet balance is to install the Lebara Application on your mobile through PlayStore or the Lebara application on iTunes.

Therefore, I personally check the balance in this way. You can also check the postpaid balance using this application. 

Check Lebara Balance with Application

4th Method: Lebara Helpline

If you find all the above ways difficult, you can call the Lebara Helpline and ask the representative about your remaining balance. 

  • Lebara Helpline: 1755.
  • Lebara Helpline with a mobile operator: 0576001755.

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