How to check Iqama profession/Mehna online?

There are two ways to check Iqama Mehna i.e. by looking at the Iqama card and online through Absher. In case you want to check the status of change of Iqama profession, you will have to do it online through Absher. 

If you are in the process to change the Iqama profession, make sure you select your profession carefully. You should be vigilant while selecting the Iqama profession as some professions let you apply for a family visa and others are reserved for Saudis.

The meaning of Mehna

The meaning of “Mehna” is the profession or job category. If somebody asks you about your Mehna, he is actually referring to your Iqama profession rather than your actual profession.

Article 38 of Saudi Labor Law forbids employers from employing workmen in a profession other than the one specified in his Iqama.

Check Iqama Mehna printed on the card

You should know that there are 12 important details printed on your Iqama card and one of them is your profession. You can find your Iqama profession written in front of the “Mehna” category as shown below.

During a raid by the labor office on your factory or office, the officers check the Mehna on your Iqama card and see if you are actually working in the same position.

Let's say if your Iqama profession is Labor and you are working on a computer, they will immediately detect that there is a violation of the law.

Iqama Mehna

Check Iqama Mehna online

You need to have an online Absher account to check the status of change of Iqama profession. If you already have one, log in to it by entering your userID or Iqama number, password and the captcha code. 

1138 Procedure to Check Istamara (Vehicle Registration) Validity Online 03

After the login, click on the “Dashboard” written just beside your name.

check iqama profession online

The system will open your dashboard in the Absher account. You need to look at the left side of the screen below your picture, birthday and marital status. Here you can check your Iqama Mehna or profession online.

check iqama mehna online

If you find your new profession here, it is a confirmation that your profession has been changed. Now you or the GRO of your company can proceed to visit any Jawazat office to print your new Iqama. 

Check Iqama profession through NCB bank

In case you have an account with Al Ahli bank, you can check your Iqama Mehna online using NCB internet banking services. In order to do that, log in to your account and click on the “Settings” and then “ID Expiry Update”.

iqama profession with NCB Bank

The system will fetch your Iqama profession from the Jawazat data and display it on your screen. Please be aware that in case of a conflict between the Iqama profession displayed by the NCB system and the Iqama Mehna shown in Absher account, you should always trust MOI records.

Moreover, you can also update Iqama with NCB following this way.
check iqama Mehna with NCB Bank

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