How to check if Iqama is issued?

After coming to KSA, all of us want to apply for the first iqama. In this article, we have explained the way to check the work permit status and if the new iqama is issued using Border Number in Saudi Arabia.

There are two steps in Iqama issuance, 

  • Work Permit Issuance
  • Iqama Issuance

Check if Iqama is issued or not

In order to check if your Iqama is issued or not through the Ministry of Labor website, click on this link and enter the Border Number.

  • Change the language to English.
  • Enter the Border Number. 
  • Enter the Date of Birth as per the passport.

The border number is written by the immigration officer on your passport at the time when you entered Saudi Arabia. In case you don't find it, you can check the border number online.

check if Iqama is issuedThe system will check and fetch the details such as your name, gender, nationality and the Iqama number if it is already issued by the Jawazat.

check if iqama is issued by the border numberHowever, if the MOL system does not bring the Iqama number on the display, it means that your Iqama is not yet issued. In this case, you should check if the work permit is issued by the MOL or not.

Keep in mind that if your Iqama is not issued by your employer within 90 days of your arrival to Saudi Arabia, you are entitled to transfer sponsorship without Kafeel's consent.

Check Work Permit Status

In order to check the work permit status, you need to open the Ministry of Labor website from this link and enter your Border Number there.

check work permit status

The system will fetch the details such as your name and the work permit number. The presence of the work permit number should give you an assurance that your Iqama will be issued soon.

work permit is issued

However, if the system shows the message “لا يوجد عاملين بالمواصفات المسجلة”, it means that your work permit is not yet issued. In this case, you should chase your Kafeel.

work permit is not issued

Keep in mind that domestic workers cannot check their work permit status using this service.

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Check iqama issuance with passport number

As per my information, there is no way to check if your Iqama is issued or not merely with the passport number. You will have to use your Border number to check the status of the new Iqama issuance.

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