How to check border number in Saudi Arabia?

The Saudi immigration authorities assign a unique number to every passport holder who enters on a new visa to Saudi Arabia that is called a border number or رقم الحدود. In this article, we will explain how to check it online.

Normally, Saudi Immigration authorities write the border number on the passport of the visa holder by hand as shown below.

Border Number on the passportWhy do we need it?

You might be thinking why do we need the رقم الحدود in Saudi Arabia? You need it for many purposes out of which some of them have been listed below.

Check border number online

In case you don't find it on the passport, you can always check the border number online through Absher. You need the following two details which can be found on the Saudi Visa stamped on the passport.

  • Visa Number.
  • Visa Issue Date.

In order to do it, open the following link and select “Non-GCC Citizen”.

On the next screen, you need to enter the following;

  • Visa Number.
  • Visa Issue Date.

check border number onlineThe system will check from the Jawazat system and show the border number on your screen.

check border number online

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