Changing Name on Iqama after changing name on Passport

Does anyone know the procedure to change the name in the iqama after changing it in the passport from the embassy?[irp]

Question by Visitor: My name at the beginning was correct in the passport, entry visa and in the iqama but not as per my Engineering degree (Hafiz word difference). Then to change profession as per qualification I had to change it in the passport adding HAFIZ at the start. Now I am facing a big trouble in changing it in the iqama. Is it necessary to change it in the entry visa, if yes then how to change it in the entry visa and then changing it in the iqama? Thank you for your support.

Answer by Steve: First, let me criticize you for making this decision of changing the name on Passport. You should think before doing something. Your passport is related to so many things. You should not have changed the name on your passport. It was much easier to change the name on the engineering degrees. Many of readers of this blog have gone through the procedure of changing the name on degrees as it is much easier. As far as your question is concerned, only and only government relations officer of your company can change it. Please ask him, request him to do it for you. He knows the procedure very well.

As far as changing the name on the entry visa is concerned, there is no need of changing it since it has already been expired. An entry visa is only for entering to Saudi Arabia. It has a validity of 90 days and after 90 days it expires. So, you don’t need to be bothered about it.

Question by Visitor: Thanks for your reply. In fact, government relation officer has tried many times in Jawazat and in MOFA Saudi Arabia. Last time Jawazat answered that due to security reasons name can't be changed.

Answer by Steve: If it is an official statement of Jawazat, what can I do? However, I still encourage the readers of this blog to let us know about the procedure of Changing Name on Iqama after changing the name on Passport if anyone of you has gone through this procedure. It will be a help to millions of expatriates living in Saudi Arabia.

Hamid: Dear friends, my dad changed his father name on identity card than on passport. After changing the name on the passport, he gave the case to the agent and agent changed the name on iqama within 10 days. So, I think better if you want to change your name than change through an agent. If you get through the legal process than it is very long and tough process. There are many agents’ offices outside the Jawazat Jeddah you can choose any of them in which you have firm believe. However, if your Kafeel have good wasta in Jawazat, you can directly change your name through Kafeel.

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