How to change STC SIM language to English?

If you are an STC user, you might have noticed that they send you all SMS in the Arabic language which is difficult to understand. There are 3 ways to change the STC SIM contact language from Arabic to English.

Change STC language with an SMS

In order to change the SIM contact language from Arabic to English or vice versa. 

  • Write STC language change code “1390” in an SMS
  • Send it to 900.

stc language change arabic to English

  • If the current language is Arabic, it will change to English.
  • If the current language is English, it will change to Arabic.
  • Soon, you will start receiving SMS in the preferred language.

Change STC language through Application

  • Download and log in to the MySTC App.
  • Click on the 3 setting bars on the right bottom.
  • Select the “Settings” tab.
  • Click on the “Number Properties”.

  • Now select the mobile number.
  • Click on the “Contact Language” button.
  • Select the STC language Arabic or English.
  • The language will be changed in a few minutes and you will receive all new messages in the preferred language.

Change language by calling Helpline

You can also call the helpline and change the STC contact language to English. In order to do that;

  • Call 900.
  • Select 2 for the English language.
  • Select 1 to serve you on the number you are calling from.
  • Press 9 for technical support.
  • Press 2 for complaints.
  • Select 6 for the complaints again.
  • Explain the purpose to the CSR and they will change the preferred language.
  • Soon after that, you will start receiving SMS in the preferred language.

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