How to change nationality on Iqama?

Your nationality is written on the 9th line of Iqama. In case you have taken a second passport, you can always change your nationality on Iqama.

Why should you change it?

In Saudi Arabia, your nationality impacts your salary package. A person with a U.S/Canadian/British passport tends to get a way higher salary than someone on a Pakistani or Indian passport.

 change nationality on Iqama

Required Documents

The process of changing nationality in Iqama might take from 3 to 6 months.  Jawazat needs the following documents to change it;

  • Fingerprints report from the police station.
  • New Passport.
  • Old Passport.
  • Original Iqama.
  • Jawazat Form (given below).

NOC from the embassy is not required to change nationality on Iqama.

Jawazat form to change Nationality on Iqama
Jawazat form to change Nationality on Iqama

Letter to the police

Book Jawazat Appointment with the option Resident Services.

  • Explain the purpose of your visit.
  • Jawazat officer will issue a letter directed to the police requesting the fingerprint checkup.

Fingerprints from the police

Visit the police station with the Jawazat letter.

  • Police will take your fingerprints.
  • Some people say that they send it to Interpool for verification.
  • After the verification, take the fingerprint report from the police station.

Get the print of the Iqama

Book Jawazat Appointment with the option Resident Services.

  • Take all the above requirements.
  • Submit it to Jawazat.

If all the details are correct, the Jawazat officer will change your nationality on Iqama and ask you to take a new print from another window.

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