How to change the name on Iqama in Saudi Arabia?

If your Iqama name differs from the passport or there is a mismatch between Arabic and English names, you must change/correct it in Saudi Arabia.

Why correct the name of Iqama?

If the name on the Iqama is different from the name on the passport or the Arabic name on the Iqama does not match the Arabic name, it can lead to the following three problems;

  • No Bank will open your bank account.
  • The police clearance certificate will have a different name.
  • The documents issued from Saudi Arabia would not be acceptable outside KSA, e.g., birth certificates of children.

Changing Iqama Name – Muqeem

My English name on Iqama was different from my passport. I went to my company’s government relations officer and asked him for the solutions. He opened the Muqeem system in front of me and changed my name in the system instantly.

The GRO can do it by logging in to the Muqeem account.

  • Log in to the Muqeem:
  • Select the “تعديل الاسم المترجم” from the given services.
  • Write the new name.

After 2 minutes, the English name on my Absher account was changed. I got the new hard copy with the correct spelling when my iqama was renewed. 

How to change the name on Iqama in Saudi Arabia?

Changing Iqama Name – Jawazat

In the second method to change the Iqama name, the government relations officer of your company to go to the Jawazat himself with the following documents;

  • Jawazat Appointment with the option Resident Services.
  • Fill out Form 203.
  • Copy of the passport.
  • Original Iqama.

The Jawazat officer will correct the name and issue you a new Iqama immediately without any fee.

Changing Arabic name on Iqama
Form 203 to change name on Iqama

Once you have successfully changed the name of Iqama in Saudi Arabia, you must visit the traffic police station to change the name on your driving license. 

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