4 challenges faced by expatriates in Saudi Arabia

Expatriates in Saudi Arabia have to face many problems and challenges at every step of life. In this article, we will talk about the major challenges being faced by expatriates in Saudi Arabia.

Kafeel Exploitation

It is not a hidden truth that many expatriates working in Saudi Arabia have to face exploitation from their Kafeel. The Kafeel System implemented in Saudi Arabia gives too many rights to the sponsor.

However, most of the victims of the Kafeel system are those expatriates who are working in Saudi Arabia as freelancers on Azad visa.

Family Expectations

The monthly expenses have been increasing in Saudi Arabia steadily without a matching increase in the salary of expatriates. As a result, they don’t save enough to meet the ever-increasing family expectations back home.

Saudization / Nitaqat

According to Saudi law, every establishment has to employ a certain percentage of Saudis on their payroll. The ever-increasing Saudization percentage has been a hanging sword on the jobs of many expatriates. 

Expat Fee

The Saudi Government introduced the dependent fee and increased the maktab Amal fee in 2016 and since then expatriates have been struggling to pay it. Many expatriates have already sent their families back home.

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