Is there a casino in Saudi Arabia?

A video has been circulating on social media claiming that a gambling arena or casino has been opened up in Saudi Arabia. Is it true?

Viral Video

The video that has been shared on social media has been posted with misleading descriptions.  The video claims that gambling is taking place in a casino in Saudi Arabia and the winner has been awarded.

casino in saudi arabia

Gambling in Islam

Gambling is prohibited in Islam and thus Saudi Arabia does not allow it. It was actually a clip from the famous card game Baloot tournament that takes place in Saudi Arabia.

Baloot championship in Saudi Arabia

It is a video from the Baloot game which is similar to French Belote. Saudis are particular and people of the Gulf, in general, are very fond of Baloot. This was the first time that even females were allowed to take part in the card game during the Baloot championship.

Is there a casino in Saudi Arabia?

In conclusion, Saudi Arabia is and has been one of the very few countries in the world which promote Islamic practices. How can they allow people to gamble at all? Hence, there is no casino in Saudi Arabia and I hope that there would never be any.

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