Cars with Non-Saudi plates must be driven by foreigners

Saudi police have clarified that cars with non-Saudi number plates can only be driven by citizens of the country where the plate was issued. 

The Saudi traffic police have warned that if a Saudi or an Iqama holder is found driving a car with a non-Saudi number plate, he will have to pay heavy fines + the vehicle will be seized.

Why is the rule imposed?

It has been noticed that many Saudi citizens are driving cars with non-Saudi number plates to avoid paying traffic fines, as these cars are not registered under the names of Saudis.

What to do?

All the citizens of GCC countries who intend to stay in Saudi Arabia for more than 6 months are requested to rectify the status of their vehicles by contacting the traffic police office.

Expats of GCC countries

Many expats from GCC countries apply for Saudi visas as GCC residents and enter Saudi Arabia in their cars.

The expats of GCC countries are allowed to drive cars with non-Saudi number plates if they are under their legal ownership. They can also rent a car from Saudi Arabia.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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