How to cancel Ejar contract online in KSA?

If you have accepted an Ejar contract through Absher, you will have to follow a certain procedure to cancel/terminate it online in KSA. We have explained the whole procedure for Ejar contract cancellation below.

Cancel Ejar Contract Online

In order to terminate the Ejar contract in Saudi Arabia or cancel its automatic renewal online, you need to;

 cancel ejar contract online ksaIn the next step, click on the view button on the rental agreement you want to cancel or terminate.

 cancel ejar contract online ksaJust scroll down until you see the button to terminate the contract or cancel its automatic renewal from the Ejar system.

 cancel ejar contract online ksaDiscontinue Automatic Renewal

If you want to complete the current rental agreement but don't want to renew it, you should click on the “Discontinue Automatic Renewal” button.

The Ejar contract is automatically renewed unless one of the parties discontinue automatic renewal 60 days before the expiry.

discontinue automatic renewal ejar contractEarly Termination of Ejar Contract

If you want to terminate or cancel the Ejar contract online without completing its term in KSA, you need to;

  • Click on the Terminate Contract button.
  • Terminate Reason: Unwilling to continue with the contract.
  • Termination Date: Select the date.

Terminate Ejar Contract in Saudi Arabia

  • If the landlord accepts the early termination, you can leave the apartment and hand over the keys to him.
  • However, if the landlord does not accept the early cancellation of the Ejar contract, the contract will remain active and later he can file a legal case to recover the rent amount.

Therefore, it is better to settle with the landlord by bringing him a new tenant and transfer the Ejar contract to his name.

At the time of the termination or expiry of the contract, the tenant is obliged to return the flat/house in the same position as he acquired.

In case of any question, you can always call Ejar helpline 9200 05226.

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