How to cancel family visit visa in KSA?

Sometimes we enter the wrong information while filling out the family visit visa application by mistake. In such a scenario, you will have to cancel the existing family visit visa and apply for a new one in Saudi Arabia.

There are two ways of canceling the family visit visa;

  • Wait for the visa expiry i.e. 90 days.
  • Cancel the Visa following the procedure explained below.

In case you make another application without canceling the current visa, your application will be rejected. Here is the procedure;

In order to cancel the family visit visa, fill out another application from the following link and when you reach “Visit Objective”, write the following instead of your office address.

Complete the application form and make sure you don’t make another mistake and submit the application. After this, you will have to follow the same procedure again i.e.

At the time when MOFA reviews your application, they would be able to see that you have already submitted an application and you want to edit it. If this is the case, they will cancel the old visa and issue you a new one.

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