How to cancel family visit visa in KSA?

Sometimes, we accidentally enter the wrong information while filling out the family visit visa application. In such a scenario, you must cancel the family visit visa and apply for a new one in Saudi Arabia.

Cancel Visit Visa before Chamber

In case you have just applied for a family visit visa and found out that there is a mistake in the application. There is no need to cancel it if the visa is not yet submitted to chamber of commerce for ratification.

You can file a new application and submit it to the Chamber of commerce for ratification.

Cancel Visit Visa after Chamber

If the family visit visa is already been submitted to COC, you need to;

Auto Cancellation

There are two ways of canceling the family visit visa;

  • Wait for the visa expiry i.e. 90 days.
  • Cancel the Visa following the procedure explained below.

If you make another application without canceling the current visa, your application will be rejected. 

Log in to Nafath

To cancel an already issued family visit visa;

Access Nafath App to apply for a family visit visa

Request for Cancellation

After this, the MOFA website will show you four options;

  • Scroll down and click on “Inquiries & Suggestions“.
  • Click on “Add New Inquiry or Suggestion“.
  • Type: Visa Number.
  • Enter the Visa Number (explained below).
  • Details: Please cancel the visa

cancel family visit visa saudi arabia

Make sure you enter the number of the visa already issued by MOFA. Some people enter the application number instead of the visa number, which leads to problems later on.

Check Cancellation Status

MOFA will cancel the family visit visa within seven days of request. When you do not find any application while checking your family visit visa status, your visa has been canceled by MOFA.

  • لم يتم العثور على اي نتائج، يرجى التاكد من البيانات المدخلة: No results found, please check the entered data.

Once the visa is canceled, apply for a new visa again, following the same procedure. Make sure you don’t make another mistake this time.

Cancel Visit Visa after stamping

You need to cancel the family visit visa already stamped on your passport or issued by the Saudi Embassy in the following cases;


You need a letter from your employer requesting the Saudi Embassy to cancel the visa. The format of the letter has been given below. The letter must be;

Letter Format

To: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Embassy Islamabad Pakistan

Subject: Cancellation of Old Visit Visa and Issue New Visa

Our employee XXX, having Iqama Number XXX and Passport No XXX has issued multiple entry visit visa for the following members of his family with the validity up to XXX. His family has already went back to Pakistan.

Now he wants to bring his family on a permanent family visa (or family visit visa). However, the new visa cannot be stamped unless the old visa is cancelled.

Therefore, it is kindly requested to cancel old stamp visa and issue new visa.

  • Names of family members along with visa numbers and passport numbers.

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