Can a Single Woman stay alone in Saudi Arabia?

Many diversified ethnic societies are living inside Saudi Arabia. There are many expatriates residing in the Saudi Arabia for several purposes. These expat families can stay here by following rules and regulations of Saudi Arabia but in case a single woman is residing in Saudi Arabia, she may face several problems. The biggest questions that arise when a single woman stays inside Saudi Arabia without any male Mahram is “where to stay?” This is not the only problem for a single woman. There are various other issues related to household chores and daily life issues.[irp]

A single woman can stay in a compound without any Mahram or male member. Outside the compound or in a villa or Bungalow, it is impossible for a single woman to take charge of without permission of the landlord. In case a woman wants to get a separate house for her in Saudi Arabia, she needs the assistance of her sponsor or Kafeel for this purpose. That man can arrange this facility for her. Any landlord would not give his villa or house for rent to a single woman without any male member. In case she gets a house for her own, there are so many issues that have to be countered by her. In case there is need of several male servants, it would not be possible for her to trust any servant without any surety or in case she is alone in the house how can she stay with a male servant inside home together.

Not only this, there may be a need of repairs or maintenance of house or any other matter to be resolved. In case she needs transport, how can she stay with a driver alone in a house? A car needs complete maintenance and related stuff for and it would be difficult for a single woman to manage all these things alone without a male member with her. This is not the end of difficulties for a woman alone in KSA. She has to see everything in perspective that how she is going to survive in Saudi environment without accompanying a male Mahram. She needs the assistance of a male at each stage.[irp]

Although western women are bold and dare to live alone in an apartment or house without any hesitation but still it is not easy to survive in Saudi Arabia with this approach. It is not considered ethical for a woman to stay alone in Saudi society. It may give rise to many moral issues related to staying of a woman alone in Saudi Arabia. The difference of language, different lifestyle, belonging to the different culture and related concerns can widely affect the stay of an alone woman in Saudi Arabia. No matter how much cautious a woman is in her approach, anyhow she has to face many issues inside and outside the house for a company of a male member. The company of Mehran is the best option for a woman in case she wants to continue her stay in KSA.

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