Can Oral Sex be the cause of AIDS in Human Body?

AIDS is caused by Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) which interferes with the immune system and different processes in the body, rendering it incapable of fighting with infections. Over 34 million people are affected with this virus today. One should be aware of the modes of transmission of this virus in order to avoid getting it and stay safe. This is a common question if AIDS is possible through oral $€X? If yes! How to protect oneself from it? The answer is in this article.[irp]

ORAL $€X AND AIDS: AIDS occurs if an individual comes in contact with the body secretions or fluids of an infected individual, be it vaginal secretions, semen, blood, or any other. Through oral $€X, contact of $€Xual secretions becomes inevitable, but the chances of getting AIDS are low. The chances are high if you have tears, abrasion, open sores or bleeding gums in your mouth reducing the protection from the first line of defense, which is your intact skin. Following are few ways to keep you safe from this disease. These measures would not only prevent you from AIDS but also few other $€Xually transmitted diseases

  • Refrain from having oral $€X
  • If you know you have open sores, take measures to keep your mouth healthy.
  • If your mouth comes in contact with those bodily fluids, either spit it or swallow. Yes, swallow! Because the virus won’t survive in the acidic environment of the stomach, reducing your risk of infection.
  • If you spit out the fluids, make sure you do it well. Wash your mouth properly after it.


Oral $€X has a low risk of transmission. Other routes for transmission of the virus with greater risks are mentioned as follows;

Blood transfusions: This is a very common source of transmitting the virus when an infected blood is transfused. Therefore, blood testing before transfusion is always needed.

Infections: Maintaining hand hygiene and wearing gloves are really important in a hospital or clinical setting to avoid transmission of virus unintentionally, either from patient to doctor or doctor to patient and staff.

Piercing and tattoos: For safe piercing and tattooing, the needles or blades should be sterile. If not, the risk of transmission is high due to blood to blood contact.

Needles and injections: The easiest way to contract HIV is using contaminated injection/needles while IV drug administration.

Anal $€X: The risk of transmission of the virus is really high if a condom is not used.

Vaginal $€X: Vaginal $€X without a condom, with HIV positive individual, serves to be a potential pathway for virus transmission. Sores in the genital region are also a risk factor.


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