Can employer relocate me to another location? – Article 58

Labor law covers the rights of employees and employers and maintains a balance between two. Sometimes it happens that the employer asks the employee to move to another location where an employee does not want to go. This is a conflicting situation and many people don’t know what they need to do in this kind of situations.

It is very important for each employee working in Saudi Arabia to update himself about the rights designated to them by the Saudi Labor Law. We have given the details about employee’s and employer’s rights in respect of relocation of an employee under Article 58 of Saudi Labor Law below.

Article 58 of Saudi Labor Law – Old Version

Previously, the employee had a right to relocate you to any other place within the Kingdom due to a valid reason if such relocation does not have any serious damage to the employee. The employer had every right to relocate any employee due to a valid reason and if it does not cause serious damage to the employee.

However, there were some ambiguities in it regarding the definition of “Valid Reason” and “Serious Damage”. However, these issues have been addressed in the latest amended Saudi Labor Law.

Updated Article 58 of Saudi Labor Law

As per the changes in Saudi Labor Law approved by the Ministry of Labor, an employer cannot transfer an employee to another location without written permission of the employee. An employer can also add it to the terms and conditions of the contract you sign at the beginning of your employment.

If he has already taken your written permission in the initial contract you have signed that he can relocate you at any place to any location without your permission, he doesn’t have to take another permission – Article 58 (1) of Saudi Labor Law

However, the employer has the authority to relocate you in an emergency without your consent for 30 days in a year. All the expenditures related to transfer from one place to another are to be borne by the employer. – Article 58 (2) of the Saudi Labor Law

I have been emphasizing very strongly to the readers of this blog to read the terms and conditions of the contract carefully. Once you have signed the contract, you can only repent upon your decision.

If you are not sure about any clause of the contract, wait for the explanation from an internal or external source. Don’t commit yourself to something you have no intention to do.

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