Can an employer send me on unpaid leave?

Many employees complain that their employers ask them to go on unpaid leave in Saudi Arabia. Can an employer do that? We have answered this question below.

Unpaid Leave as per Saudi Labor Law

Article 116 of Saudi Labor Law allows a worker to take leave without pay for any period of time with the consent of his employer.

However, the employment contract will be deemed suspended in Saudi Arabia if the unpaid leave is for more than 20 days unless agreed by both parties as per Article 116 of Saudi Labor Law.

It means that the employee will not be able to take End of Service Benefits for this period of leave without pay.

unpaid leave saudi arabiaCan an employer send me on leave without pay?

The Ministry of Labor has clarified that no worker can be sent out on unpaid leave without their consent as this act is against the Saudi Labor Law.

If an employer does it, the employee has every legal right to register a complaint against him in the labor office. In addition to that, complaints can also be lodged through the ministry’s App “Ma3an lil Rasd” on smartphones or calling on the number 19911.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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